Tottenham’s Danny Rose Slams Wembley and Expresses Disappointment With Fans

​Danny Rose has shockingly admitted that playing playing at Wembley ‘isn’t nice anymore’ and no longer feels like an ‘honour’.

​Tottenham spent the whole of their previous campaign playing at the national stadium whilst their new home was being constructed. They were due to move at the beginning of the current campaign, but ongoing problems have caused many months of delays, something that ​Rose appears less than happy about.

Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton FC - Premier League

The English international defender lashed out (​via The Express), claiming: “It’s just not nice any more. I don’t feel it’s an honour to play at Wembley any more. We’re all itching to get in the new stadium and hopefully it’s not too much longer.

“We’re disappointed it’s taken longer than expected but we know everybody’s putting in the hours to make sure the stadium’s as good as possible. 

“It’s not that much longer now, so hopefully over the next couple of months we’re going to be in there and we all sympathise with the fans. We just have to stick together now. 

“We know it’s not going to be too much longer,” he added.

Aerial view of the New Home Stadium Of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

​Rose also hinted at his disappointment with the Spurs’ fans after their lowest attendance of the season was seen on Wednesday night. Just 33,000 people came to see ​Tottenham beat ​Southampton 3-1.

“The atmosphere’s a bit flat. Obviously I sympathise with the fans, travelling a bit further away to come to Wembley. It’s the lowest attendance since we’ve been at Wembley and that speaks volumes.” 

The club have still not officially announced a move-in date amid fears they may not play in their new stadium this season, and fans are clearly showing their discontent by staying away from Wembley.

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